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Are you a teacher that has students who are struggling in your classroom? 

Or are you a school administrator that is looking for a tool for your staff that can create great change?

Do you worry day and night about students who aren’t reaching their potential?

Are you trying to reach your students and are realizing the old tools just don’t work for everyone? 


 If you said yes to just one of these questions, then this podcast is for you. 


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Teaching Students by Design program



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To find out more about Ellen, please visit


We cannot guarantee anyone’s success when using the topics presented in this show. There is only one person who can guarantee your success, and that is you. Please see show description for full disclaimer.
The Quantum Human Design™ language and concepts in this show have been created and inspired by Karen Curry Parker and her work and are used with permission.

Jun 6, 2022

I believe that we all have the power to create the change we wish to see in schools. By changing schools, we change the future of the world, creating a world where every individual sees their value and purpose, knows they are loved and worthy, and has the tools to make their own unique contribution to the...